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Get these through Renaissance Learning. Go to www. Teacher Resource Guides are available for these collections. Audio is available on GoReaders handheld devices with two books per device; see pages 13, 24, 33 , or CDs for Seven the series and The Seven Sequels; see page What makes Orca Different? So what makes these books so popular? High-school novels with reading levels between early grade 2 and mid-grade 4.

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Orca Book Publishers is excited to add Saddleback Educational Publishing to our digital subscriptions. Launching with three collections that include abridged classics, exciting nonfiction, multicultural protagonists and edgy urban tales, these books are sure to capture the attention of. Email digital orcabook. And who can use the digital subscription? Your digital subscription is hosted at a URL that students and teachers can access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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If you are more interested in an ebook purchase, you will find all of our titles available at major ebook retailers and library services. Free trial available; email digital orcabook. The novels are high interest and have reading levels between an early grade 2 and mid-grade 4. The books are available in the full print collection 92 books as well as many other custom collections. Orca Soundings Collection Titles and reading levels listed on the following two pages.

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Annalise Bekkering. Olympic Torch.

Totem Pole. Jennifer Howse. Colette and the Silver Samovar. Orca Young Readers. Nancy Belgue. Review by Myra Junyk. Little Joe.

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Sandra Neil Wallace. Illustrated by Mark Elliot. Review by Betty Klassen. Volume 1.

Silver Samovar for sale in Canada on Craigslist, Kijiji and eBay

Von Allan. Review by Rebecca King. Highway of Heroes. Kathy Stinson. Review by Gillian Richardson. Crabtree Groundbreaker Biographies. Judy Wearing. Review by Suzanne Pierson. Illustrated by Kristi Bridgman. Review by Gail de Vos. Yes You Can! Your Guide to Becoming an Activist. Jane Drake and Ann Love. Review by Val Ken Lem.

Spirit Quest. Can they do it before the Vandal destroys their team's hopes? The year is and Joseph has just immigrated to the United States from Russia. He thinks that life in New York City will be wonderful, but he has not bargained for the challenges of learning English and of resisting the pressures to skip school, steal and fight to earn a place among the boys in his neighbourhood. Anna, Joe's older sister, struggles to cope with the terrible factory conditions of the time.

Aunt Sophie must take in boarders to make ends meet. And Joseph must both accept change and remain true to himself in a new city with new challenges. Addison's mother wants to sell their comfortable old house and move into a townhouse in a new development across town - a shoe box near a shoe factory, Addison calls it.

As usual, Addison's brain goes into overdrive as he tries to solve two problems: first he must get his mother to see their old house in a new light, and then he must figure out who is responsible for a rash of neighborhood break-ins that make his mother feel unsafe. With the help of his friend Sam, he puts his own unique spin on optical illusions and home decor and ends up surprising everyone, even himself.

Jeremy longs for a pet, but he doesn't know what kind of pet to get.

When his parents agree that he can start a pet-sitting business in order to try out a variety of species, Jeremy has no idea what adventures are in store for him.