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Regarding the next assistant head of school, Dr. Sefrit says he does.

Westminster had first come to Dr. Sefrit served on the board of directors and education committee and was highly involved as a parent, though he was employed elsewhere. The most devastating loss, says Coach Carlile: kids who would leave the athletic program without truly knowing Christ. For the coaches themselves, the focus on becoming better is always The Center for Coaching Excellence is based on a key question for.

We want our coaches to love the kids in that way. Senior Brendan Yeager won the meter individual race and also set a Metro Conference record. Sophomore Kirsten Davis set a school record in scoring 35 goals during Baseball. The team closed the season with a record, scoring a shutout win over Pembroke Hill for. But the boys did great with it, and it was neat to see them have that success with all they had to overcome. It was really good for them as seniors to go out on such a positive note with each other.

Wrestling At an annual banquet hosted by area high school wrestling officials, the wrestling team was chosen from among all high school teams in the St. Louis region for a prestigious sportsmanship award. Football The Westminster football team finished its regular season for the first time in school history. The team was rated third in the STLhighschoolsports. Girls Golf The varsity girls golf team advanced in match play for the fall season, marking seven straight seasons the team has won 10 or more matches during their campaign.

The team finished sixth at the Angel Classic Tournament and improved to finish third at the Missouri-Illinois River Challenge in which they assisted the Missouri team in winning for the sixth straight year. The girls placed third in the Class 2 Districts match, and junior McKenna Montgomery placed fifth at the State tournament. Boys Soccer The varsity boys soccer team won third place at the beginning of the year in the Metro League Tournament. The team was in Metro League standings near the end of their fall season, qualifying them for fourth place.

The players were recognized for their outstanding sportsmanship during games when an official reported that the team behaved and performed on the field with great sportsmanship and respect for both opponents and referees. The players also assisted with a SPENSA Special Needs Soccer Association service project in which they served as buddies for the kids and participated in training sessions and games with them throughout the day.

Softball The varsity girls softball team ended their entire season They placed second in the Metro League and won their district and sectional championships, making it all the way to the quarterfinals. Boys Swimming The varsity boys swimming team finished eighth at the Ladue Invitational 15 team meet this fall. Evan finished fourth in the fly, and Bo placed fourth in the 50 and 25 yard freestyle race. Girls Tennis The varsity girls tennis team said goodbye to six seniors this season, with the opportunity for new players and a younger team next year. Senior Sarah Betz and junior Emily Stevenson placed third in district doubles, and senior Madaline Ross finished fourth in district singles.

The team celebrated victories over several teams they fell to last season including Troy, MICDS, Visitation, and Notre Dame, as well as a second-place win in the silver division of the Springfield Classic. This year, girls field hockey joined the list of Westminster fall sports offerings. With more than 30 girls, the team has athletes of all levels of experience.

Last year, field hockey was a club sport offered to Westminster girls in grades A boys lacrosse program is also in the works for the spring season. In honor of his years of. My dad was a licensed electrician. My dad was head of. I also like. One day a science. In this new capacity, Mrs. I told [Head of School] Tom Stoner that athletics has a huge platform and a director, and we wanted to spotlight fine arts but had no director. I could see that we needed one to become better.

Artist and educator John Sarra had been teaching in the fine arts department at Washington University in St.

A significant factor that drew him to his post-graduate degree position, he says, was the confidence the school had in promoting the arts. Sarra said he never thought of an artist as something to become. I would just gather soil, make things, and dry them in the Arizona heat. Sarra works with a variety of media. Westminster now has an artist-inresidence, and especially for a secondary school, that is no small thing.

Sarra as a teacher and as visual arts chair. I want students. But the more he talked with Dr. Stoner and the existing arts faculty, his calling was confirmed. Westminster already had very capable, thoughtful, talented teachers in place who were hungry to become better, and I could see the potential for what this opportunity could be. Sarra assumed his new role with enthusiasm. He is continually working with the faculty to determine what opportunities and offerings should be added to the program to make it truly world-class.

Eichelberger applauds Mr. Sarra says engaging the physical space we have at Westminster is part of that focus. Eichelberger and Mr. Sarra continue to share their respective passions with students through teaching. Eichelberger teaches two sections each of Performing Arts 7 and 8 and will teach Chorus 7 and Chorus 8 next semester. Sarra teaches three sections of ceramics and one section of drawing all upper school. In spring , he will teach oil painting and watercolor painting in addition to ceramics and drawing. For Mrs. These are characteristics that employers are looking for: innovation and the ability to solve complicated problems.

God has gifted us all with special talents, and if your passion is anything in the arts, using that passion to advance His kingdom will bring Him the most glory. Eichelberger encourages Westminster alumni to visit campus and see all that is happening in the arts department.

Eichelberger] is coordinating all the voices in order to magnify the program. This is intentional leadership. Some of our students have the potential to go really far, and I want alumni to see that early on, they were part of something special, something that has continued to grow, and something that is impacting kids today just as it did when they were students at Westminster.

Behind the Scenes When a production opens and the curtain rises, the spotlight shines on the actors who take the stage. But the success of a production depends just as much on those working behind the curtain — the individuals who spend each moment ensuring that everything looks and sounds just as it should. Kim, who says fine arts is a large focus for the club given all of the technology needs in the Theatre. Kim sets an example of service and is a constant support to the fine arts department. Even though you know you are behind the scenes, you are completely engaged in the performance.

When someone on stage is shining, we have done our job. Kim and drama teacher Helen Scott began teaching together this fall, focuses on the development of engineers and tech directors. The club has nine consistent members in addition to freelance designer Paul Avery, who handles the majority of the design process. Scott, Mr. Butz, and Mr. Schwamb helping me throughout my six years here at Westminster, I never would have fallen in love with theatre or considered it as a career.

His goal? To become a professional actor. The Middle School is bursting with just as much talent. Both are veteran St. Louis Muny Kids. Mark was first exposed to Westminster theatre in sixth grade when the musical The Secret Garden called for some younger actors. Mark auditioned and was chosen for the. She chose to attend Westminster after a day of shadowing classes, one of which was Mrs.

I tried not really seeing faith as a boundary but as an opportunity — as something to talk about with people. The teachers genuinely care about you and want you to use your talents to the best of your ability. Louis Post-Dispatch this year, Mr. Butz appears in plays both locally and nationally.

I know how hard the craft is. I run up against the same challenges and have to address the same problems that students do as they learn to perform. Students more inclined to the visual arts also take advantage of opportunities to express their creativity outside the classroom. The club has seen an uptick in participation this year, growing from five or six students to nearly Co-president senior Anna Evans attributes the spike to the work she and co-president senior Baxter Estes have put forth to promote the club, which exhibits a low-pressure, acceptance-filled vibe.

This is just a good environment to have an afternoon snack and talk about your day while creating art. Art Club advisor and art teacher Lara Goeke says creating is an inherent desire God has placed in us. Morning runs wake me up. Morning runs clear my mind.

For whatever reason, I connect with the Lord easily as I awaken along with the rest of creation. Morning runs prepare me for the race of the day ahead. While I wish every run generated thoughts of sunshine and roses, some days my body feels clunky and just off. I persist, reminding myself that being faithful is about discipline and trusting the Lord with results.

Morning runs inspire my best thinking. Connecting with the Lord by traversing my neighborhood streets brings new ideas and insight,. On a recent morning run, I thought about Westminster, and my mind drifted to Hebrews Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a.

We exist to educate students to engage the world and change it for Jesus Christ. The faculty and administration take their calling seriously, and their passion for this work is what drove me to accept a position in institutional advancement at Westminster. I came to Westminster in early August and was welcomed graciously by so many on campus. I learned our history — how God has provided for this place over and over again, in ways that demonstrate His favor and blessing.

I learned how He orchestrated the sale of property, the purchase of facilities, and the construction of new space. I learned about leadership and generosity and faithfulness against seemingly insurmountable odds. I learned about throwing off weights and running with endurance. Louis, and for a world that needs to be engaged and changed for Jesus. I am learning about our present — how God brings an everincreasing student body to learn from incredibly dedicated and passionate faculty.

My prayer is that our efforts in institutional advancement help us run the race more smoothly by developing witnesses. You serve on boards, you staff the Coffee Bar and Concessions, you answer phones, you host gatherings at your home, you organize activities and events, you pray, and you give — all so that those of us at Westminster will be able to lay aside, to run, and to endure.

Thank you for your witness and the ways in which you advance us. I am learning about change and transition and new administrative structures. I am learning more about our race and how so many are running so faithfully in the same direction. And I begin to learn about our future, how God calls us toward higher and better, to be world-class for the sake of His Kingdom.

I begin to envision running the race longer, freer of financial constraints. Head of School Tom Stoner says Shelley is a proven educational leader. Louis, and her addition to our leadership team reflects our strategic priority of establishing Westminster as a distinctly Christian private school with world-class opportunities in academics, athletics, and the arts.

Westminster is coming to Naples! If you have plans to be in the area, please send your address to lwestrich wcastl. We are grateful for these donors who lead the way so that others may follow in their path. These families lay the foundation of giving for Westminster and are vital to our financial health. Members of The Westminster Investors Circle will receive invitations to special events throughout the year as well as unique donor communications.

We invite you to be among the charter members of The Westminster Investors Circle. Please contact Carolyn Holt at cholt wcastl. TheWestminsterAnnualFund is the place where everyone can make a difference, where every gift matters. While Westminster has received annual gifts in the past, we hope that our entire community will now join together to invest in TheWestminsterAnnualFund.

Our vision is for the annual fund to serve as a strong foundation of giving that brings all those who love Westminster together to make a difference. Alumni, did a Westminster teacher have a significant impact in your life? Parents, are your children reaching their Godgiven potential because of Westminster? Grandparents, are your grandchildren growing into the next generation of Christian leaders who will inspire others? Alumni parents, are you thankful for the impact Westminster had on your adult children? If so, then please join together with your community and participate in TheWestminsterAnnualFund.

Every gift, large or small, impacts students today. A gift to. TheWestminsterAnnualFund enables Westminster to offer the highest quality programs in academics, the. These gifts also promote and protect our investment in world-class faculty and facilities. Westminster is a very big part of our lives, and we feel honored and compelled to contribute to its mission. We give to Westminster out of gratitude for what Westminster gave to our now adult children. Thank you to everyone who came and made it an unforgettable weekend! Five Westminster alumni are fulfilling their calling to serve in a city that was recently labeled one of the poorest in the nation: Memphis, Tennessee.

These graduates are not simply going to work each day; they are living the gospel as they pour into their communities. My experience there has been both challenging and rewarding. It is a gospel-centered, disciple-making, multi-ethnic church. We have the resourced and under-resourced, blacks and whites, and republicans and democrats all doing life together. Our mission is to look like our city, to make much of Jesus, and to send our people out to be a part of the mission of God in Memphis. I was born and raised in inner-city St. Louis, yet Westminster gave me a network of people and friendships that were completely foreign to me.

After experiencing an enormous culture shock, Westminster helped to shape my love for Jesus and my passion to see the people of God living in relationship together, no matter our ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or political persuasion. HIS WORK I serve at Advance Memphis, a nonprofit that exists to express the coming Kingdom of God through relationships and economic development that bring hope and life to the neighborhood we serve — one that was, at one point, the third poorest urban zip code in the counrty.

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We offer multiple classes and programs designed to create opportunities for meaningful employment; these include a soft skills job training course, money management classes, high school equivalency classes GED and HiSET , a staffing service, and an entrepreneurship class, as well as anger management, addiction recovery, and parenting classes. I teach three sections of GED classes morning, afternoon, and evening — predominantly math. This is my fifth year working at Advance and my third teaching GED.

At the time, I was doing microfinance and managing matched savings accounts. I thought it was a good time for a change of pace and asked to give it a try. I loved it and still do. The move was mainly an effort to put ourselves in a position where we would be constantly reminded of our need for Christ and could create fewer barriers and excuses for God to use our family to bring His Kingdom. Secondly, the move has strengthened my relationship with many of my students, some of whom live directly next door, and opened new opportunities for us to share the gospel with them through both word and action.

I believe that Christ died, rose again, and is alive. My life should look different. If I believe that Christ has redeemed me and is making all things new, then I need to be a different kind of teacher. And I think it also means providing more than just help with geometry. I found the discussion fascinating, and I used my senior integration project to further explore the issues of inequality and poverty — specifically educational inequality. Unfortunately, this was my first exposure to issues of. The BDC is a nonprofit community development corporation working to improve the quality of life for residents in the inner city Binghampton community of Memphis.

The BDC focuses on job training, economic development, housing and financial counseling, early childhood and youth development, and residential and commercial property development. My wife Emily and I have been married four years and own our home in Binghampton. We love our neighborhood and have started after-school Bible studies to mentor urban youth. We see many disparities in Memphis, and the gaps between the wealthy and the marginalized are growing.

We see disparity in housing, education, healthcare — you name it, but there is hope because of all the great things going on in Memphis. I hope that I am able to relieve some of their stress by paying attention to little details. Whether I am actively discussing my faith with a family or simply showing love. Asking how things have changed over time is a fundamental question in the study of history.

From a broader. Throughout history, people are trying to make life better, easier, or more pleasurable, and they consistently demonstrate a search for something beyond themselves. My desire is to make students think about what is broken in humanity and how it can be repaired. Teaching at a public institution, there are times when my own answer to this has to be limited, but for many students, simply getting them to ask those questions can lead to interesting discussions.

Michael Gerson is a syndicated columnist whose articles appear all over the country. His column was. Steve was the co-interim news director of the station at the time. Louis will better connect with our readers, regardless of their political bent. Pennsylvania, where she is employed by Bucks County Correctional Facility as part of the administrative team for the medical facility that treats the inmates. Inspired by friend and fellow alumnus Brian Goessling who currently serves as headmaster of Restoration.

The students also had the opportunity to visit an app development company and take in a Yankees game, as well as attend a service at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. The Westminster alumni plan to continue Cultivating Hope at Restoration Academy and, over time, expand their vision beyond Birmingham.

Shane welcomed their fourth child Reid Joseph Johnston in July Annamarie married Justin Door, an astronautical engineer from northwest Michigan. Holley Maher and former Board member Bill Maher were the father-daughter team behind the SmartBenefits private exchange.

They say. Wildcats in D. Alumni in the Washington, D. The film also won Best Short Film at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in July and was featured on. The then-MissouriBaptist-senior received the honors while leading her team to a victory over Fontbonne University with nine goals and two assists in the win. Scripps media outlets in addition to its own site.

Check out his blogpost and video. Johnny Kehr and his wife Rachel were married in summer Friend and classmate Forrest Hughes beautifully captured their special day on video and film. We love having alumni join us for the Andy Benes Golf Tournament! Mike is currently a junior pursuing a degree in engineering management. His team finished fifth overall and was awarded All-American status. They were two of 13 undergraduate students receiving the award. Evan was also awarded a Computer Science Alumni Scholarship at the event. Jonathan Bopp, mechanical engineering major at.

Several alumni played key roles when Promise Christian Academy purchased 4. We encourage our alumni to visit our campus, participate in school events, update contact information, and keep us informed! Contact us at alumni wcastl. TheWestminsterAnnualFund is a new way for students, parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff, and friends to make a collective difference. While Westminster has received annual gifts in the past, we hope that our entire community will now join together.

Hannah captured this photo of a hummingbird while vacationing in Vail, Colorado. I happened to be in the right place at just the right time. Chimes is a biannual publication for alumni, current and former Westminster families, and friends of the school. Each issue includes school See More. On the cover, our 9 Karen Thompson: A Dream Come True talented orchestra students practice for the fall instrumental concert in our seat theatre. Approximately young Christian schools, each language department, partnering with sister schools overseas. As part of a member of the Evangelical Union of Students; and Hossein the Westminster community, the family wanted to reach out and Dastgah, retired Director of Campus Recreation at Saint Louis support our international students.

In addition to getting a tour, University and father of Academic Hub Facilitator Marjan students and a few parents and faculty enjoyed a home-cooked Kempen, spoke with students about Iranian culture and shared barbecue lunch! Westminster welcomed visitors and parents of senior international The World Languages Speaker Series was developed to create students to the commencement ceremony.

Visitors included an educational experience for students by exposing them to the board members of the Parents Advancing Westminster PAW rich culture of other ethnic groups in St. Louis, as well as to be committees of China and South Korea. The annual graduation ceremony. Much of this has to do with the conferences and workshops.

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Wednesday Workshops explore topics such as working yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober with a diverse student body, utilizing best practices in the classroom, judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of and teaching from a distinctly Reformed Christian perspective.

For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these Every Tuesday, teachers in their first year of service at Westminster members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though are required to attend workshops in which they take turns teaching many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have a short lesson and debriefing that lesson with their peers. All different gifts, according to the Westminster teachers are observed grace given to each of us at least twice a year by their Romans In addition, The Westminster faculty is one those in their first three years body with many members, each of of service at Westminster are whom God has graciously gifted observed by their mentors who differently.

Zavaglia says, the CTL looks for more of a discipleship concept; that is, a few work with a few more, who progress. As a result, everyone is successful.

It if each teacher is learning it and improving as a result? Thompson taught multiple biology courses including honors biology, AP biology, human body systems, and Soon afterward, pieces began to fall into place for Mrs. Her instruction in PBS was transition to Westminster. There was a posting for an upper school biology across the U.

Thompson emphasizes, however, that her excitement to join In the realization of a dream, Mrs. Thompson has found new hope the Westminster community did not negate the sadness she felt in at Westminster.

Through her transition to the school as a teacher making the transition from Jennings. When I left grace and restorative work in her life. She conducted her research paper, Structural Integrity of Cortico-Limbic Rebecca and Stephanie participated in the STARS Students and Teachers as Research Scientists program, a six-week intensive science research program for juniors and seniors in high school that provides students hands-on lab experience alongside a mentor.

Dispatched from the UK in 4 business days When will my order arrive? Luke H Davis. Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description Secret tensions and fractious relationships come to the fore when the assistant director of Dayspring Counseling Center is found murdered in her office. Detective Cameron Ballack and his Special Investigative Division team discover that this arena of soul care is a dangerous and deadly place, and the pool of suspects is deep and wide.

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