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A patient's soul was most likely to leave its body at dusk, and the shaman might then suck the infected soul into a tubular implement called a soulcatcher, cleanse the captured soul and return it in a healthy state to the patient. Shearar pp.

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Firefly Books. New York. Soulcatchers may represent the Land Otter Spirit Canoe as depicted in this Tsimshian sculpure of a shaman traveling to the realm of the supernatural. Shaman Kit. Likely Haida. National Museum of Scotland.

Soul Catcher

Skeena River. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. And just as in a photograph that never fully captures our essence, mysteries remain. Credits 13 min color 35mm Director.


PV Lehtinen. PV Lehtinen for CineParadiso. Matti Helariutta, Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen. Screening copy. Finnish Film Foundation. Related films.

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Arrange the stones X. Solution B : Ax2-Bx3.


Walk forward, left, right twice, then forward. Examine the lake for a mini-game H. Solution I-K. Solution A-H. Solution I-L. Solution V. Press Start W. Solution A. Move the plants G.

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