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4" Philodendron Red Emerald – Gabriella Plants

But they will always be expensive. Is it a birthstone?

What do I need to know before going shopping? You should call around to your local independent, professional jeweler before you go shopping to see if he or she has any in stock.

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Most likely they will have to go searching for one to show you. General Information. Chemical : Al2Be3 Si6O18 colored by manganese.

The Red Emerald: A Farce for the Colourblind

For the gemological information on this gemstone we invite you to join us in the. International School of Gemology.

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A gem so rare that up now very few people knew about it! Though the discovery of the Red Emerald was more than a hundred years ago, Red Emerald came into light only in the 21st century. The red beryl has all it takes to be something BIG in the gemstone world.