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I only read things I enjoy, because life is too short to read stuff just because you feel like you should. That would be cool to see it as a movie, but I had a hard time finding stars for it. And also, I wish I had known how important it is to just keep writing even when the novel gets hard or boring, just keep going through to the end. As Rashali started back across the dusty trade road that lay between the river and Moon Bend, she bit back the anguish that still, after all these months, threatened to overcome her at the thought of her husband and daughter.

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They were gone, Araskagan had sung them into the House of the Dead. Her grief would not bring them back. All she could do was go on living, and somehow, someday, see them avenged. Watch out! She tumbled to the ground, the yoke sliding from her shoulders, the buckets spilling their water onto the thirsty ground. Rashali got to her feet, stumbling on a twisted ankle.

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Three Sazar warhorses stood in front of her, a huge black beast flanked by two slightly smaller dark brown horses. From their mounts, three Sazar warriors clad in silver-trimmed black stared down at her. Hate and rage clouded her senses.

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These sallow-skinned, narrow-eyed barbarians had degraded and destroyed her people. They were responsible for the deaths of her husband and daughter and countless others. And they had spilled her water. She drew up precious moisture into her mouth and spat at the man in the middle, the man whose black horse had knocked her down. The three horses danced and snorted like demons. Two long, curved, gleaming-sharp swords suddenly loomed above her head. The man on the right jumped down from his horse and grabbed Rashali in a choke hold.

The point of a knife pricked the skin beneath her chin. She would not bow down, she would not give way, she would not grovel before a Sazar, even if it cost her her life. The moment seemed to hang suspended as the warrior gave her a long, hard, searching look, as though he were trying to peer into her mind and discover how she dared to defy him. Then he sheathed his sword. Rashali stared at him in disbelief, as did the other two men. The Sazars had no mercy in them. He spoke a few sharp words in the Sazar language, his tone that of a man accustomed to unquestioning obedience.

The other man on horseback returned his sword to its sheath, but the man holding Rashali tightened his grip around her neck. He pressed the knife harder against her throat, and said a few words that sounded like a protest. The leader repeated his orders in an even harsher voice. After hesitating for several heartbeats, the third man let go of Rashali, sheathed his knife, and climbed back up on his horse.

He looked at her again.

He looked at the damp patch where her buckets had fallen on the ground, then reached into one of his saddlebags and flipped something small and round into the dust at her feet. So she was forced to abase herself before him, after all. The Los Angeles Times thought Le Guin "stole the show" and said she accepted and shared her award with "all the writers who were excluded from literature for so long. You know, people who can at last speak truth to the overwhelmingly leftist power in science fiction? Then, please ask them to follow the guidelines. The Troll's Belt By J. Motherless Brys Arnsson digs himself into trouble.

Kyra Halland

Bad trouble. Tricked by a troll in J. Ney-Grimm's richly imagined North-lands, Brys must dig himself and his best friend back out of danger. But that requires courage. Traits Brys lacks at depth. A twist on a classic, The Troll's Belt builds from humor-threaded conflict to white-knuckle suspense. Troll-magic By J.

North-land spellcasters who wield excessive power transform into trolls - potent, twisted, and hungry for dominance. Prince Kellor, cursed by a troll-witch to live as a north-bear, wrestles with the challenges of a beast's form. He sees his childhood friend Elle as the key to his escape. But charming Elle will be no easy task. Traversing that delicate passage between adolescence and adulthood, she struggles to balance family loyalty against her passion for music.

In this epic adventure across a stunning landscape, from cool pine forests to an icy pinnacle of basalt so real it leaves you shivering, Elle and Kellor must summon essential wisdom and grit to prevail against a troll-witch's malice in a lethal battle of wills. Fighting against a nightmare pales beside fighting for a dream. Karma Putz By J.

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Van Pelt. Imagine Keith Richards as a life insurance agent! Janis Joplin as a butcher! Mick Jagger as an anti-abortion activist! Jimi Hendrix as a youth pastor! Karma Putz imagines characters very similar to five rock icons whose lives took a different turn.

They end up living in the suburbs, battling crabgrass and watching "Pox News. Dreaming Tower By Elizabeth Bruner. When he starts dreaming of a woman also out of time, he wonders what she has to do with his future. A witch reveals that Aidan being released from his curse might have wide-ranging consequences, including costing the woman of his dreams her life and sanity.

Dawn went into a magic sleep expecting to wake up to a prince. When a fairy bent on mischief warped the spell, she found herself transported to the world of dreams while her kingdom disappeared. With help from unexpected sources, Aidan takes off on a mission that has killed every other person who's attempted it.


Will he meet the same fate? Will Aidan be able to find the missing kingdom in time to save the dreaming princess?

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Urdaisunia By Kyra Halland. Rashali, a widowed Urdai peasant, has vowed to destroy the Sazars who conquered her land. Eruz, heir to the Sazar throne, walks the dangerous edge of treason to do what is right for all the people of Urdaisunia. When Rashali and Eruz meet by chance, the gods take notice, sending peasant and prince on intertwining paths of danger, love, and war as they fight to save the land they both love - Urdaisunia.

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